Provoking, iconic, and covetable.

Keilhauer is a family-owned company that was started by the Keilhauer brothers, in June, 1981. They were inspired by their father, Ed Keilhauer, an upholsterer and saddle-maker with European training and a pioneer in the design and development of contract seating in North America.

Starting out 30 years ago with one focus, to manufacture quality seating on time. The pursuit of this singular thought has been the driver behind everything that we do.

As the world has changed so have we. We have adapted our organization and our products to ensure that we provide solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers and we make sure that our customers can rely on us to have that product where it needs to be when they need it. And then, once delivered, to stand behind it.

Over the years the company has developed over 100 product collections, many of them award winning, and worked with dozens of independent product designers who have brought fresh and innovative ideas into the business with every new product launch. Keilhauer products are now sold around the world.

We believe that commitment to design is the power that drives creative solutions..

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