Beautiful products that Endure

How do you define a classic? The pure swing of Arnold Palmer. The understated yet elegant suits of Coco Chanel. The powerful, spare words of Carl Sandburg. The clean, strong forms of Frank Lloyd Wright.Those creative expressions were perhaps at their peak of vitality in the 1950s, yet they are just as vibrant today. Perhaps that is one definition of a classic.

Established in New York City against the city’s backdrop of creativity, Cumberland Furniture shared a focus on the simple and straightforward, the practical and the beautiful. It began crafting desks, tables, benches, and lobby seating in a style that would come to be known as transitional—a blend of traditional and contemporary appropriate for a wide range of interiors.

With the purchase of Cumberland by Scott F. Gilmore and Gilmore Inc., in 1998, the most recent Cumberland renaissance began. The company headquarters relocated from Long Island, New York, to its current home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where much of the world’s best furniture is produced. Cumberland continues to introduce furniture pieces—not too trendy, not too modern, and not too traditional—but pieces with an uncanny ability to adapt to various interior settings. With an amazing range of materials and finishes, each versatile design can assume even more personae, magnifying the designer’s distinctive stamp on each environment.

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